All Emergencies - Basic life support principles:

  1. Maintain an airway
  2. Assess breathing
  3. Monitor circulation
Monitor and record all vital signs.
Allergy: Anaphylaxis

Signs & Symptoms: Swelling of lips, periorbital area bilaterally

  1. Patient may be agitated, complain of breathing difficulty, tight chest, but no wheezing, stridor or urticaria evident.
  2. Administer 0.4ml epinephrine 1:1000.
  3. Administer Oxygen via mask.
  4. If patient returns to pre-treatment status:
    • Observe patient for 1 hour, then dismiss.
    • Rx: Benadryl 50mg q6h for 2 days.


Signs & Symptoms: Involve Cardio-vascular system (CVS) or respiratory

  1. Activate EMS stat.
  2. Basic life support, prn
  3. Epinephrine 1:1000: 0.3mg (adult) parenterally (IM or IV) q5m
    • IM in thigh through clothing is readily accessible.
    • If necessary - Cricothyrotomy.
  4. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) antihistamine 1ml parenterally (adult) upon recovery
  5. Aminophylline may be administered for bronchospasm



  • Respiratory signs & symptoms resolve
  • Cardiovascular signs & symptoms resolve: b.p. rises, heart rate remains rapid